Of Etruscan origin. Today it is a typical medieval town. With its beautiful historic centre where you can visit the Piazza dei Priori, the gates, the water sources, the Medici Fortress, the Tower Houses, Renaissance Palaces, the Cathedral and other churches. An important historical and cultural site. Volterra has several museums; the Etruscan Museum, Art Gallery and Municipal Museum, Alabaster Ecomuseum, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Library Guarnacci, Historical Archives, the Municipal Library, the Hall of the Board and Council, the palace Incontri - Viti, and other museums in Volterra. There are numerous archaeological sites: the Roman Theatre, the Acropolis, the Necropolis, the Baths Guarnacciane. The famous Volterrano craftmanship (www.alabastroinvolterra.it) is characterized by processing Alabaster, and in particular extracted from the subsoil of Castellina Marittima. This alabaster was formed in the Miocene period following a process of sedimentation and concentration of calcium sulphate content in marine waters